In a bad mood? Me? Nah… Just haven’t slept in a week

If I don’t get a good night sleep today, it’ll be the 6th night (almost a whole week!) sleeping 5 hours or less, waking up to work full time and deal with all kinds of random bs that never happens on a regular day, but of course, they happen when I’m dead tire.

“C’est la vie.”

Not complaining at all… I mean, only two of those nights ‘could’ve been avoided’. The night of the concert (weeknight, bad idea) and the night I went out to a couple of bars. Both of them went great, and as Americans say all the fucking time “It was fun!”

Not being able to nap throughout the day has been the absolute worst. I’m talking about something loud happening EVERY SINGLE TIME I had an hour or two to recharge batteries. I get the garbage truck, I get cars passing by, maybe loud doors opening/closing of people in nearby apartments. Those are common daily noises.

But birds having CONSTANT AND LOUD FULL CONVERSATIONS LASTING 30-40 MINUTES???? Come on!! What the fuck do they have to say to each other for that long? “Hey, ate a berry today. I also got something from the trash. It’s getting warmer, right? Any new cats nearby? Have you seen Sammy? What? Flew into a window and killed himself? Damn, that’s harsh. Rest in chirp.” Done. How long was that? Only a minute or two. They’re birds… I’m not kidding, It’s LOUD AS HELL. They hang out in a couple of trees and utility poles behind my garage.

And, of course, my favorite one of all: Planning ahead your nap. It all starts the night before. You set the schedule and pencil in X amount of time to do some stuff and then catch a few Zzzz’s in the middle of the day. You slept 4 hours, woke up, doing a couple of things while literally yawning and falling asleep. Then the moment finally comes. You slip into your jammies. Temperature is just right. You get in bed, under the covers and close your eyes. A few minutes pass and… YOU CANNOT FALL ASLEED BECAUSE SUDDENLY YOU’RE NOT SLEEPY AT ALL. I cannot believe that shit, every single time. What is the big secret?? I thought your body automatically falls asleep when feeling dead tired in a safe place, comfortable place.

Now add:
– Bad weather every time you have to go outside.
– Off-hours traffic in non-busy intersections
– Yapping dogs
– Getting sleepy immediately after coffee, but not being able to sleep 5 hours after
– Dozing off throughout the entire day, the comes the evening and your body gets a full charge for no reason whatsoever.

I finish everything early tonight: My posts, my late-work deadline, dinner at 7pm, showered, skipped exercise routine… I’m gonna make it. I’ll finally be able to go to bed early. And even if I toss and turn in bed for some time, I’ll have enough hours available till I wake up.

What can possible go wrong tonight!?


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