Warning! Long weekend ahead, proceed with caution

2022 is flying by! We’re already in mid-April springtime. Summer is right around the corner. Every day that passes get us closer to winter, again. Damn!

Easter weekend starts tomorrow with Good Friday. It’s my first “Holy Week” in the states, and everything is uneventful. Back in the Caribbean you’ll have polarizing extremes this next few days.

A) Church, staying in, mourning Jesus death, more church, no meat on Fridays (some people even fast), Saturday is basically a transition day where you do nothing and wait for the next day, and then a huge family dinner on Easter Sunday to celebrate resurrection.

B) Party, party, beach, drinks, hanging out, road trips, party, degeneracy, more partying, starting on Thursday after leaving work early in the afternoon (or even Wednesday evening), ending on Sunday afternoon.

I grew up with (A). Then I became a teen with a driver’s license and a car at 16 years of age, and slowly but surely started my shift towards (B). Got a job, moved out, and (A) no longer existed. Good riddance. Imagine having a long weekend with perfect going outside weather and staying inside to mourn and be sad because of your religion.

Hey, no judging. Whatever floats your boat, be happy. Just don’t expect me (or anyone else for that matter) to do the same.

During my “early and mid adult phase” (B) was THE option. No questions asked. Get your crew, plan to the T, then full speed ahead, no brakes, see you on Monday. It’s fucking spring break.

Whereas you decide to be a degenerate, do some work around the house, or simply do nothing, get fat and rest, you gotta take advantage of work-free days and holidays ALWAYS. It’s called self-love. And everybody knows that before you can truly give your love someone else, you have to love yourself first.

That being said:
Have fun during spring break!

If you’re planning on taking fun times to extremes without any worries, plan ahead first. THEN behave like an animal. That is the way. Stay safe.


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