You probably need more shoes; hear me out, get them on sale

I have a confession to make.

After years of being against it because I thought it was completely unnecessary, I finally get the whole having lots of sneakers in your closet.

One condition though, I never spend over $50-$75 on a pair. ONLY EXCEPTION are performance-athletic shoes (and most of the time I also get them on sale). Meaning, cross trainers and running sneakers, for the simple reason of not fucking with my body. It’s the only one you have; take care of it because it will break down eventually.

I’m working a lot, money is decent, I’m paying the bills, being responsible with my financials… Why not give myself a little something-something? You know, release some dopamine via an external artificial impulse such as clicking on BUY when finding a great deal.

So, I subscribed to a couple of newsletters that alert me every time certain brands and stores have a big sale. Sounds smart, right? NOPE. Now I’m getting a very cheap pair of sneakers every 2-3 weeks (like, for real. Marked down from $100 to $40, $75 to $30. It’s ridiculous!).

Now I have X amount of sneakers —no, will not say the amount to avoid feeling guilty. Let’s just say is very low double digits—. All of them getting used on the regular.

Hey, before we get to judging, criticizing and all that jazz, hear me out. I walk/jog 4-5 miles a day Monday through Friday, my cross trainers get eaten up every couple of months. Gotta have new ones on stand-by to avoid, ONE: Getting hurt while reusing old worn-down ones. TWO: Why pay $90 urgently on the spot if I can plan ahead, get them on sale for half the price and just stash them until I need them or just put them on the weekly rotation? My feet are not getting any bigger. It’s the correct move.

Ok, no, going back a few lines to make a correction. It’s not ‘ridiculous’, it’s the most basic rule against needless shopping and consumerism: “Only buy stuff when it’s on sale. If it’s not essential, life-changing or saving, wait it out. Eventually you’ll catch it at a fairer price.”


2 responses to “You probably need more shoes; hear me out, get them on sale”

    • NB are great running shoes. Personally, after many years, I’ve stayed as an Adidas guy for athleisure, and Asics for performance. Looks like those are my brands.


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