The beast with two backs

You know what? I never talk about this kind of topic because it’s really not my style. But denying its importance makes me a hypocrite. So, tonight, I’ll say some things about one of humanity’s oldest imperatives and vices, sex. More specifically, satisfaction and love-making.

Skipping over the basics and general know-hows, they’re a few things in the world that compare to the feeling of completely pleasuring your partner. Men, women, non-binary, others… We all get off some way or another. The release it’s fundamental to relieve tensions, alleviate pains and strengthen bonds.

The sounds, the smells, the moaning, the grunt, the textures, the moisture, the gripping, the pulling, the thrusting, the giving, the taking, the twinkle in the eye, the tear, the heavy breathing, the skins rubbing against each other… 

Leading up to that climatic moment where you finish, where you just let go and nothing else in the world exists in that instant. An explosion where you’re feeling everything at the same time. You become a single sentient being in the center of its own universe. 

You return to reality. How long was it? Where was I? Is this feeling ever coming back?

Your lover stares at you, smiling. You smile back. Was it good?

It was the best.

You are not the same person that you were before that moment started. You’re still yourself, but now more in tune with the inner you. You gained clarity through a sexual experience. It may have not lasted that long, but it certainly will be remembered. 

And now, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll repeat it again in a couple of days only to make it even better.

The beast always returns. It’s just a matter of time. Keep your energies clean, your body healthy and your mind focused. Don’t miss it.


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