Is this how true happiness feels like?

Go ahead, ask me what I did today, all day.


Well, I’m glad you asked.

I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Indulged in laziness, resting, watching tv and eating big-ass banana pancakes stuffed withpeanut butter.

Nothing, or as I like to call it: Heaven on Earth.

Not doing anything is like opium to busy-tired adults. No work, no schedules, no deadlines… I can eat what I want and do what I want whenever I want… It’s basically my equivalent of heroin. (But without the intravenous needle, addiction, and all that harmful stuff that comes after).

“Oh, but it’s such a beautiful day to be out doing stuff! Warm and sunny, perfect weather. Everybody is outside. Let’s go join them.”

Ummm, what? Doing more stuff? I do about 65+ hours of ‘stuff’ Monday through Friday between my job, side gig, personal projects and responsibilities. You want me to get busy and make an effort on the ONLY day of the week that I’m stress-free? Absolutely not! I refuse. Please, get out of my sight. I don’t need that kind of energy during the weekend. Begone! Also, close the blinds on your way out. Damn sunlight glare is messing up my high definition 4k graphics.

I mean, I still did a couple of things, like cooking, sending some emails, cleaning… But it was because I wanted to do them, and I did them on my own time, not because they had to be done within a specific schedule, deadline.

And you know something. I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Go ahead, ask me what I’m gonna do tomorrow, all day.


Well, I’m glad you asked.

Nothing. I’m planning on not doing anything, again.

What an accomplishment! Long live the weekend!


2 responses to “Is this how true happiness feels like?”

  1. Oh yeah. I used to have days like these too. And the harder you go on the weekdays, the more nothingness you tend to schedule for your free time. Hope you get enough rest and return to the week fully charged!

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