Geared up and mentally ready to start the week, again

Everything has its end, nothing lasts forever,
Let us remember that there is no eternity.
-(Rough translation of “Todo Tiene Su Final” by Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón)

And so we have arrived:The END of the weekend. —plays nostalgic music in the background—. All good things must come to an end. How else could we recognized the happy moments if we don’t have the bad ones to compare them with?

If you could see the smile I have right now as I’m writing this. So excited to wake up tomorrow (yes, it’s a given. I’m pretty healthy, almost no planes fly over this area, no huge asteroids the Earth’s orbit), and it begins, yet again. Another work week filled with emails from dumb coworkers, ideas from idiot bosses, unwanted texts, stress, spontaneous traffic, daily responsibilities, perfectly timed bad weather, and my favorites ones: SURPRISES. 

Can’t do anything about it. Just vibe, get shit done and try not to be an asshole. That’s the general rule to maintain a good community with the people around you.

The goal is to find joy in the little-everyday things in your life. Yea, overused phrase. But it’s completely true. Here are a couple of examples from my POV: Having morning coffee with a bagel and cream cheese, eating a huge lunch, taking a long-steamy shower after exercising, getting coffee again, getting paid, finding time to procrastinate and enjoy it, cancelling some plans just to stay chilling at home…

You see? It’s easy. In between those moments, you suffer, and then think about how happy you’ll be once you have them again. A perpetual cycle. Fool yourself into being happy. Set some goals, easy goals to get them done and feel accomplished. Or be like me, set unobtainable goals, hard ones, just to make you stronger when facing failure, and forcing yourself fo be better.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Internet. Nay, it’s probably THE favorite one because it explains exactly how I think and view the struggle of being human and living.

“Become strong enough to defeat abstract concepts like Time and God.

Have a good week!


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