Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weekend

Well, it’s finally here.

After five gruesome, long and overwhelming days, it’s here.


Two whole days of no 9am to 5pm.

But this one is special, this one differentiates from the rest. You know why? NO RESPONSIBILITIES, NO WORK, NOTHING TO DO. Just wake up and be a person. Hey, you can be a shitty person if you really want. What’s stopping you? You ain’t got nothing else to do.

Pizza, wine, series, sleeping late, passing out, BIG breakfast, AM sprint race, ????, more pizza, video games, series, more wine, more pizza. Wake up the next day. Wait, what? I can do it all, again?? Of course! It’s Sunday, being a person pt. 2. Another race, another game, another pizza…

Happiness sometimes comes after grief. If you have access to it, grab it, squeeze it till it doesn’t have more to give. 1% pure, concentrated happiness. If you have it, mix it, make it last a day or two.

At this moment, life makes sense.

Maybe it the bottle of wine, maybe it’s the two boxes of pizza that never reached the apartment because I ate them in the car, maybe it’s knowing that this moment it’s fleeting and eventually it will go away.

For the moment… Have fun. Stay safe. And try to get a full night’s sleep whenever you can.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Please, yourself a favor, and watch every season of “Better Call Saul”. It’s so fucking good. Dare I say, even better than “Breaking Bad”.


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