Duolingo warfare

I have a confession to make. I started Duolingo. And even worse, It’s gotten competitive. I’ve won all the the leagues without much effort. But now, at the very last one, I’m up against 5 ladies with hundreds of thousands of XP points, over 300-500 day streaks, and dozens of top 3 finishes.

This is it. The real challenge. It’s gonna get personal.

The league lasts 7 days. I’m gonna try to actually win it. Make an effort for a couple of days. If these people are really serious and devoting hours of their day, every day, into winning, then fuck em. I can’t compete with people like that, I got better things to do. Like work, write, road trips and not be in my phone for 2-3 hours a day trying to win a no-prize league.

But them again, if I beat them and win. I have bragging rights and I can tweet about it. Maybe even do a blog post about how I overcame adversity. Yea… I can see it.

Alright, Imma get half serious for 3 days. That’s 40%. I can spare a couple of weekdays. This weekend I’m doing a road trip and fighting against 5 ladies on a language app is not on my immediate schedule.

I’ll tell you about it soon. Wish me luck!


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