It’s officially May

This month is PACKED with extracurricular activities, work, trips, clients, and of course, the busy day-to-day routine.

I have a feeling it’s gonna fly by, and I won’t even notice till the last week.

It’s also my birthday in a couple of days, but that’s not a big achievement. It’s only one more rotation around the sun. Not like I can avoid it, or do something to stop it from happening. The celebrations is basically surviving X amount of time. Don’t wanna get into this now, definitely later.

Seeing as it’s gonna get very hectic, the goal for May is to have a perfectly oiled daily routine. No hiccups, no surprises. Wake up, do the things, exercise, rest, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat for 31 days. That’s the only way to get through a loaded agenda without so many headaches.

Gotta say, I’m kinda psyched. I like having stuff to do. Makes prioritizing easier, procrastination more fun and rewards sweeter.

In for 4 weeks, there’s June. And that will be ANOTHER great month filled all kinds of events, activities and clients.

This summer is looking pretty good for the moment.

Hey, and… Who knows?! Maybe I’ll even start writing the new project very soon.

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