Duolingo warfare pt.2

Well, it happened. Incredible enough, it happened only two days after writing the other post.

I met my match (or matches) in the Diamond League. I usually did 20-30 minutes a day of Duolingo double xp to rack up points and stay ahead, but this time there are three women (older women) that are logging in 3-4 hours A DAY just to stay on top.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good a challenge, especially one with worthy adversaries. But this is too much. Like, I got shit to do. And it’s my bday. I’m gonna be out at least 2 days this week. Do you think I’m gonna spend hours of my weekend trying to keep up with three women that apparently have all the time in the world to win leagues in a learning app?

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Lmao. Get serious.

Why do people like that even exist? Here I am thinking I was being too intense by adding around 500-700 points a day. These women are doing 2,000-3,000. Again, that’s about 3 hours. I’ve seen them online all that time. It’s ridiculous. I mean, why the fuck would I even bother. What is the point?

Whatever, I’m done. Maybe next week I’ll get back on track and try to win the last one against “normal people.”

This week, I already won by not letting them get to me.

That’s the bigger battle of zen, matureness and personal growth.


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