T-Minus 36 hours

I am really really REALLY not ready to get back on the grind after these past couple of days. It’s not even about working again or doing activities everyday, it’s about getting back to the exercise routine and diet.

When you’re on vacation, you say: “Hey, fuck it. Imma have a great time. Bring it.” Artisan pizza, homemade ice cream (both of them, times 2), lots of drinks, after-hours burgers and loaded fries, heavy breakfast… The list goes on and on. You know why? ‘Cause you deserve it! In addition to, those vacation calories don’t get store normally. Your body finds a way to use that energy and avoid getting fatter –> It’s science look it up. Google “calories don’t count during vacation”.

But once you get back, there are no excuses. I’m looking at 3-4 yoga sessions this week just to try to undo the damage of LAST weekend. Then 4-5 sessions the week after that to try to undo the damage from THIS weekend. Those 14 days of discipline, clean eating, detoxing to some extent, drinking tons of water and maintaining some sort routine to fall back in line.

Now I’m anxious, and upset. How am I suppose to enjoy the rest of my night and tomorrow with all of that just waiting for me. It’s imminent. Guess I can get one more whole pie with extra pepperoni before starting, as a last hurrah! Yea, that’s it. I’m beginning to feel better now.

-Self soothing done-


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