All good things must come to an end

Can’t stop the flow of time. Days keep going one after the other. It’s inevitable. All of the sudden, your 5-day vacation is finished, and you’re setting up the alarm in bed because when you open up your eyes, normality will reign once again: waking up, brushing your teeth, coffee, work, lunch, procrastination, traffic, exercising, diet, going to sleep…

Can”t say I’m sad. Had a blast during those couple of days. Most people don’t even have vacations, let alone long weekends out of state almost every month.

If you have the money, first pay the rent, then some expenses. The rest of it? Spend it having fun, experiencing things and eating. If you don’t have anyone under your care or are in need of medical supplies, everything else can wait. Eating delicious is a given, drinking nice cocktails too.

Right now my priorities are paying some bills, keeping some investments healthy and trying to do as much as I possibly can while living in the midwest. That means driving 6-12 hours, visiting diners and going to concerts every time I get the chance.

Growing up poor (or even middle class) means life is a pay to play game. Might as well earn some tokens then.


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