First time I tried Frosted Mini-Wheats

Grocery shopping for this week and the next, might as well go to Costco. So, I got all my goodies there, like plant based protein products, sparkling water, and organic eggs. One item that I have lots of problems with is cereal. Love cereal, especially with oat milk, but most of them are basically packets of carbs and sugar without many nutrients. And that’s a diet no-no. 

Found one called Frosted Mini Wheats. I’ve never tried it, it was on sale at basically a 30% off. Fuck it, let’s try it. How bad can it be.

My cereal time is usually at night after yoga. I’m burning up, and craving for carbs and protein. A cup or two of cereal plus protein milk (you know, the one that has like 20g-30g). It’s flavorful, easy and healthy.

First bite:
Mmm, it’s kinda hard. Thought it would be sweeter.

Second bite:
Taste lingers, but not the good kind of taste. 

Third bite:
Damn… Still bad. How many bags of this did I bought? Wait, there’s a version of this cereal that’s not even frosted? Just plain?!

I served my myself more smaller bowls, with 3 different types of milk and all of them yielded the same result.

Who the fuck eats this cereal for pleasure, like actually enjoys it?

This is the cereal that Santa leaves under the Christmas tree for naughty children.

This is the cereal they give you when you’re in rehab for being too happy enjoying life.

This is the cereal that when you die, and go to hell; all cereals will have this flavor, even if the shape and brand are different.

Why does this even exist?
What? It’s healthy and has a lot of fiber?
Imma give it another try later then.

Ok, you’re supposed to let them soak in milk, then they absorb it and get softer. They’re not that bad. Let me try the vanilla milk. Getting more decent, I can actually eat this once in a while. Ok, last one, now with caramel protein milk. Damn! This is actually good. And it even has 5g of protein to go with all the fiber.

I’m sold.


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