Summer forecast: looking good

It’s a good thing I did a lot of trips in May (one more still to go next weekend) ’cause I’m pretty much booked solid till July. Clients Monday through Friday, plus activities and/or more clients during the weekend; a much needed revenue to pay the piper (IRS) and alleviate the weight of my traveling credit card account(s).

Still have to go through it in the next couple of weeks, but I’m allowing myself to celebrate (a little bit more) before making the actual effort and working. Hopefully, July brings more work, and I’ll get back on track, erasing all my sudden expenses and vacations costs. August is still up for grabs. Don’t even want to plan so far ahead.

Quebec Trip incoming,
Caribbean trip incoming,
Nashville trip would be nice.

What the fuck am I working for? To travel, to eat, to drink, to buy shit…

The world is going to shit. I wasn’t born rich, nor given the tools to get rich. Of course, I could change my career path, go to a firm/agency, earn good money… Then what? Put in 40-50 hours a week, be another cog in the huge corporate machine, get in early, wear nice clothes, report to supervisors, and climb the ladder. Why? For more benefits, more money, more recognition?

It’s about freedom, happiness and peace of mind.

I start my day when I want to.
I have a long breakfast, lunch, coffee break when I want to.
I choose the clients I want to.
I travel whenever I want to.
I report only to myself (and my mom).


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