Hello, extra pounds; so we meet yet again

My digital scale doesn’t work right. It adds about 30 pounds to my body weight. But I do know that after 2 back to back long weekend trips eating and drinking to my heart’s content, I definitely gained some weight. AT LEAST 3-4 pounds.

How do I know? You ask.

Elementary, my dear reader. Clothes don’t lie. If I bought 2 pairs of pants 2 weeks ago, and they were the ‘perfect waist fit’, but after returning from vacations they’re ‘almost tight around the waist’ then the evidence speaks for itself. The pants didn’t change, but my stomach sure did.

Or… I can look at myself in the mirror and see pecs and abs disappearing after a week, week and a half of not putting in the work.

Such is life. Drink, eat pizza, get a cheesecake, pass out. Do it again the next day, but maybe change the order and variables. Result will be the same: A great fucking time, then putting double the effort to get back on track. That’s the way it goes. 3 months of work don’t disappear completely after that. It’s just harder to reach peak condition again.

If you ask me, unless you’re a model, professional athlete, adult industry worker, movie star, etc. anything that prioritizes personal image (for essential or shallow reasons) to earn a living, having the perfect body, or even sculpted, is not worth it.

That’s me. My opinion. I prefer to have the pizza, the whiskey and the ice cream every once in a while, than to deprive myself of the things that actually bring me joy.

Guess I’ll have a ‘summer body’ every 2-3 months, then 1 month of getting back on track training, then ‘fit body’ for 2-3 months, and repeat. Not a bad way to live. Already done a couple of half a marathons, 5ks and climbed some mountains, I think I can relax for a while and enjoy life.


This post was done on time last night and left on schedule for posting. It stayed in the draft folder. Slightest idea what happened. My apologies. And yes, will post another post later tonight. This time I’ll make sure it’s done.


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