Nice little surprises in the form of notifications

I’m very much enjoying getting new notifications every day about people liking my old posts. Sometimes I even re-read them and get surprised about the fact that in the present day I have completely forgotten what was happening at the time I actually wrote the post.

It either takes me back and I feel happy because I relived a moment captured by past me, or I whisper “what fuck was I thinking getting into something so personal? Why am I rambling online?”. Works either way.

I’ve noticed that I’m also cursing less. Don’t know what to make about this. My vocabulary hasn’t grown that much in the past months. Maybe I’m maturing. LMAO.

I’ll probably do a more thorough reread once I reach the 6-month mark (tbh, the thought just popped inside my mind right now. Haven’t really thought about this at all; it’s gotta be right around the corner). Can’t believe it’s actually been that long.

Ok, I’ll save it for the half of the year post.

Next up it’s the weekend.
And the next week might be my busiest week of the whole year (maybe even past ones too.)


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