“It’s just a ride”

Officially throwing the towel. Fuck it.

Imma drink, eat, and spend like there’s no tomorrow (but responsibly, of course).

The world is going to shit, fast. Might as well have some fun on the way down (if your privilege permits it). It’s not going to change for the better, at least anytime soon. Guaranteed. Greed and corruption won’t let that happen.

You know what you can do? Eat another large pizza, drink a whole bottle of wine, use your vacation days, “get sick” before a long weekend, go see races cars burn gasoline at 300 KPH…

It doesn’t matter, none of it.

Just how you feel and the way you make others feel. Adding, of course, the consequences. Those stay, and for a long time. Make your peace with them before actually doing anything.

I would’ve loved to be born rich,
I would’ve loved to have a winning lottery ticket,
I would’ve loved to marry into an obscenely rich family that would offer me a director-level job (not doing jack-shit of work) in exchange for my loyalty towards the family.

But, it didn’t happen. I’m living in reality and playing with the hand I’ve been dealt with. So, I’ll keep playing and calling, not looking for the big win, just looking to stay more time at the ‘cool table’.

When it ends, it ends. For the moment, I’ll raise, and let’s see the flush.


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