Yes, I work on the 4th of July

Get this. Imma let you in on a little secret.

Only Americans (or people in the USA) have the day off tomorrow, 4th of July. The rest of the world has to work and goes on with their life like a normal Monday.

The amount of “OMG! You work on the 4th?”, I get every single year, bore the hell out of me. There are others countries in the world besides the USA. Last time I checked, almost 200 nations around the globe (no, won’t Google it. Source: trust me, bro).

I’ll wake up,
“holy shit, I’m alive, again. And now I have to work, again”
Get on with my day.

Nothing changes, just people asking me why am I not going to see fireworks or why can’t I get day-drunk at the BBQ.

I’m on Team Dogs, and tomorrow, they will suffer a lot with the fireworks, explosions and gunshots all througouht the day. If you have a pets, DON’T leave them alone, and give them something for the anxiety. They will panic, they will break shit around the house, they will escape and get lost. It happens every fucking year. Just read the “lost dog” posts on social media after 4th of July. It’s bad.

So, yea…

Go celebrate the independence of a country that’s literally using its supreme court to roll back the rights of its citizens, and preparing to safeguard the next election while going farther to the right with each days that passes.


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