Officially starting again, but soon, like in a couple of weeks, maybe, IDK

I’m feeling it, it’s getting closer, it’s just a matter of time until… I finally get my shit together and sit down to start writing a new novel.

Ideas? I have tons of them without even checking my past notes.

Mindset? Well, there you got me. I have to start forcing myself to create more time (besides work, second job, blog, sports, exercise, trading, personal life, free time, etc. fucking exhausted). I’m guessing series, social media and/or video games will get the axe, and I’ll be able to move everything 1 hour earlier. Yea, keeping procrastination on the docket, that one is essential to my writing process.

But yea… It all starts with me WANTING to do something. Everything else falls in place once I break the mental barrier.

I think I’ll start with 1 hour a night, work a very rough draft, and then polish it, turn it into a novella. I just know that If I get to that point, I’ll keep going and won’t stop till I get 250 pages.

Then meeting with the editorial, signing contracts, editing, designing the cover, marketing… Ugh. What a fucking hassle. It’s imminent and unavoidable.

But, I guess if I want to be called a writer, I have to keep writing. Two novels is not enough, let’s go for a third, a trilogy. Fuck it. Let’s just start.

Don’t worry about the blog, I’ll keep at it every day.

I never break my promises. My word is my bond.


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