Toxic virality

Today, one of my posts went viral. Not in the millions of engagements, but over the 100K reach with hundreds of comments and engagements. You may think, well, that’s not a lot. Maybe not in the grander scale of the internet, but inside a closed community with niche topics, it’s big.

I’ll spare you the full post because it was from one of my anon accounts, and just give you the gist of it.

It was basically this: Don’t kick people once they’re down and out. Let them learn from their mistakes, and if you want to educate them, be nice, don’t rub salt in their wounds; especially if you’re on the knowledge high horse after the fact, in hindsight. Don’t victim-blame. Be kind.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is an explicitly wholesome-positive message with a blatant universal truth.

Would you believe that half of the comments are people saying that karma exists, you get what you deserve, screw them if they made a mistake, get thicker skin, go cry to another site, you won’t ever be successful with that mentality, if it doesn’t hurt then you didn’t learn the lesson and will fail again.

I mean, I’m not surprised, but really impressed. It’s totally fucked up. And yea, a lot of communities are toxic, but I expected the very least of human decency. Boy, was I wrong.

The thing is that, if you keep reading all that negative shit, it eventually gets to you, one way or another. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or good old-fashioned anger and frustration for not being able to change or face the hate headstrong.

What’s the lesson to be learned?

– Most people are shit (at least the ones insulting and trolling over the internet).
– Try to avoid negative posting (even though positive posting will always get hate)
– Say what you have to say, if the message is positive, it will reach the persons that needed.
– Disable notifications and keep living your life. The screen is a cold solitary place. Go outside for a walk, touch grass, interact with people. You’ll be alright.


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