Keeping it short and simple; Also, get some dessert

I rather have any carrot cake, than no carrot cake.

Definitely, absolute truth. Even if it’s a subpar one, gimme it. I’ll take it, give me that super sweet cream cheese frosting on top of mediocre carrot filling. I don’t care. Will gulf it down in three bites.

You can’t have a great one every day, that’s a given. But you can have a second-rate one and maybe add some ice cream to top it off. Dessert on top of dessert, high sugar, low nutritional value, the American way.

Anyways, I’m grateful for it.

In other news, nothing like weeknight drinking and waking-up the next morning at 6am to set up a great rest of the week ’cause fuck it. Right now, I’m loving it. But ask me again in a couple of hours, and the will change, I guarantee it.

Live in the now. Get shit done. Be responsible. And don’t hurt others.


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