Friendly reminder of the state of the world

I really don’t see things ‘getting better’. We’ll just adapt, compartmentalize, cope and keep surviving.

School shootings will keep happening in the US (it’s already the norm, clear backpacks and armed guards don’t stop them).
Mental health will keep deteriorating (How can it get better? More drugs? If the main problems causing unhappiness aren’t dealt with, it will drag on as a vicious drug-depending cycle)
Crime will keep rising (disproportionate economic conditions breed more crime, this is basic. People will steal and assault to eat, pay the rent and buy the ps5 and iphone).
Cities will keep getting gentrified and poorer residents pushed out due to rising rent costs (this is the order, if the state doesn’t invest in city infrastructure, like public transportation, walkable areas, green areas and parks, accessible healthcare, etc, and instead they keep building new highways, malls and suburbs, the recovery will only be for a handful of people, not communities).
Climate change is making winter storms worse, and record-summer heatwaves (It doesn’t matter what you do, recycling, paper straws, taking the bus, etc. 10% of the wealthiest people in the world produce half of the planet’s fossil fuel emissions, while the poorest 50% contribute only 10%) This is a fact, look it up.

This type of realistic analysis is way easier and clearer when you don’t have people that depend on you. You can be selfish and see how things affect you directly, THEN how they affect society. You don’t have to think about anything else, just yourself and/or society’s impact. Call it however you want, that’s the truth.

Some people are better than others, there’s no way to deny that. Know where you are on that scale and accept it, or fight to change it, becoming better.

Me? Unless I win the lottery, I’ll have to work every day of my life to be able to afford rent, food and expenses. My retirement fund is non-existent, and the prospects of buying a property become slimmer every day. Might as well TRY to save some energies, be happy and avoid being a slave to a corporation. Freedom over money, always.

I live my life under the golden rule:
Learn as much as can, and never screw people over.

Have a nice weekend!


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