Work smart–> Work a lot–> Get Rewarded

I work every day to pay the rent.
I work every day to afford A/C and fiber optic internet.
I work every day to be able to taste high shelf whiskey once in a while.
I work every day to eat rare sirloin and tenderloin when I deserve it.

If I’m gonna be perpetual working class till I die, might as well splurge whenever I get the chance. I refuse to live life paycheck-to-paycheck without enjoy SOME of the finer things life has to offer.

Already made peace with the fact that I’m never gonna have A LOT, just the necessary to live kinda comfortable, and that’s ok. Not gonna compare myself with those that fall into the excessiveness, not the ones that lack what they need. It’s a futile exercise leading to more uneasiness.

I’ll just be grateful when good things happen, and enjoy when I experience more than I could afford. Sometimes it will be pure luck, other times hard work, but most of the time it will be fueled by pure pocket plastic living in my wallet in the form of a credit card.

Fuck it.


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