A thought about risky trading and death

One of my stock trading friends is barely breaking-even, and he basically avoids risks. 95% of his stocks are Fortune 500, blue chips companies and ETFs.

Meanwhile, I’m very high-risk, trading all kinds of international companies, experimental pharmaceuticals, and fall-from grace companies looking for a rebound, and I’m ranging between 10%-20% in the red. Not bad considering the state of the market right now, and economic scenarios on a macro scale.

Plus, I’m spending like I’m earning 6 figures (spoiler alert, I’m not) and I don’t have any debt (a little secret, I have quite some). But whatever, I made my peace with what the future holds. Possible future that is; ’cause nobody knows what the fuck is going to happen.

Living life one WEEK at a time, maybe planning ahead till the end of the month. That’s as far as I’m willing to look forward. Anything else, realistically, it’s just depressing, or even worse, falling in the ‘hoping for things to get better’ category. And I’ve already ranted about the word “hope”, not gonna subject you to it again. That was past me. This is present me, thinking of you and avoiding repetition of rants (at least certain ones).

It could come crashing down tomorrow, hit a new all-time low, rock bottom, even more red… And you know what? It doesn’t change anything. I’ll still have to work everyday till I die, and possibly never be able to buy my own property, nor pay down 100% of my debt.

Fuck it. Let’s go for +$150 dinner. Who gives a shit. I could die tomorrow crossing the street. Might as well have some seared ahi tuna and duck breast on my stomach. Give the county coroner something nice to witness when he opens me up. Yea, that’s a nice picture.

Good night 😉


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