An ordinary, but positive update

Been staring at this screen for a good 40 minutes, flipping between different tabs and those same tabs again, but from their respective apps on my phone. So, yeah, procrastination at its finest.

Didn’t want to write yet another blog post complaining about life, nor another talking about the world in a pessimistic view or how unfair it is not being born rich, and having to work every day. I already have more than a couple of those. I’ll spare you (at least for today).

Been getting lots of vitamin D, as in Vitamin DOG, this past summer. That’s an upside, and directly improves my mood for the better. I’ll count it as a win. Paying down debt, that’s always good news. Another win for me. Got two out-of-state trips in the next couple of weeks (even though can’t exactly call them “vacations”, it counts as something). Been busy, but getting rest and exercising (aside from the rare, once a month, pizza, wine and cheesecake nights, those count as mental health days).

Why complain? How could I complain? I mean, there’s a ton of shit wrong in my life right now, but I can navigate through the shit storm, and even avoid stains and bad smells with a nice long metaphorical shower.

On a positive note: There’s been a handful of +60F degree mornings this week. Counting the days till autumn, go back to wearing long sleeves and pants. But now we’re in the middle of a heat wave (another one).

Fuck the heat, and over 85F degree days.


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