Not-a-worry-in-the-world Thursday

Yup, not a single idea about what to write in here today.

It’s just been one of those very chill days. I probably listened to over 6 hours of reggae roots and dub. That’s how relaxed I felt throughout the day.

Even though I got a lot done, like groceries, errands, dog walks, and exercise, there wasn’t a lot of work, had a decent nap, ate good food, and now almost all my energies are preserved for absolutely no purpose beyond wasting my night away on the internet (not complaining).

Could start another show, but it’s kinda late for that.
Could start studying something, but it’s kinda late for that.
Could start cleaning my kitchen, but it’s kinda late for that.
It’s almost midnight,
guess I could got to bed not, but it’s kinda early for that

Shit, shit, just remembered…
We’re in the middle of a heat wave,
and I forgot to water the plants outside, again,


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