The White Light

You wake up the next day after dreaming about a white shining light. Could’ve been death, an explosion, a spotlight, anything resembling a blinding brightness.

Your morning is just like every other morning, with the coffee, the music, the answering emails, commuting to work, eating a protein bar on the go… Nothing changes.

The moment you sit down on your desk, you log on to your computer, and before starting to work, you indulge yourself with some social media procrastination.

“White light” is trending. Everybody is talking about it. Some remember waking up from the dream, others had it as a déjà vu while daydreaming. Everyone experienced it in their own way but with the same characteristics: White blinding light, then coming back to reality.

Online blogs started talking about a reset in the simulation, and the white light being the rebooting up again.

Religious fanatics said it was a taste of heaven, and that the end is near.

Conspiracy theorists revealed it was a government experiment to rewire our brains and make us more obedient.

Mystics believed a huge amount of spiritual energy was dispersed at the same time, the white light was the overabundance of it finding its way back to the source.

Skeptics didn’t say much, but couldn’t deny the millions witnessing the same event.

“Nobody remembers the ground shaking?” Said one of the people in the office. “I even had to pick up a broken vase from the floor. I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming”. He then lifted his hand and showed his middle finger covered with a band-aid. “You see? I cut myself.” Everyone ignored him and kept on talking about white light.

Outside, there were people on the sidewalks looking at the sky, praying, or simply put, not doing anything and just wandering around without a purpose.

Churches were packed. Emergency rooms were empty. Children didn’t go to school that day. State highways were jammed with traffic.

The homeless were still living on the streets,
The sick were still bedridden,
The poor were still hungry,
The dead were still 6 feet under.

One man was heard preaching. He was standing on top of a bench with a few people around him listening:

“We have all moved on to the next life, and it will be exactly the same,
because we’re still humans, and pain still lives within us”.


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