Find yourself, and start being honest

Do you really exist if you’re not being honest with yourself?

How far can the faking take you, the pretending, the pretentiousness of trying to be more than what you really are?

Does it really matter in the end?

The meal you cook only exists if you serve it for others to enjoy.

The words you say can only reach others if you have true intentions.

The person you see in the mirror can only be happy once it truly knows itself.

Existence is tied to suffering, to helping one another, to losing the ones you love, to finding reasons to keep on living.

Everything starts and ends with the truth, with the honor to transparency, with the promises you make to yourself before the ones you keep for others.

If there’s one thing you should always be able to do, is sparing yourself from any lies you might tell yourself.

Allow the truth to destroy weak foundations within you, and start rebuilding a life you can look forward without the necessity of a disguise.


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