Personal update: Ok, incoming trip in the next couple of days

– Blog post under construction- Currently dealing with both a personal matter and a work deadline AT THE SAME TIME. Will elaborate more once I resolve everything. BRB

Ok, I’m back.

Work: Done (well, semi done, but at least I got the most important thing out of the pipeline).
Personal matter: Just a family phone call that got more complicated and lasted way longer than it was supposed to (like all of them, sigh).

I’m not ready at all for this next trip, visiting the Caribbean yet again -yea, life is hard, but I’ll manage -.

Work has been easy this week, taking a break from clients, and eating healthy… What can go wrong? Everything.

The only thing on my to-do list is cleaning my sneakers, and making my bag. Shouldn’t be that hard. Besides getting ready for the trip, I really don’t have a lot going on.

Having an easy week is a cause for celebration. Pretty soon, I’ll be eating all my favorite dishes, and lounging at the beach. Even if it’s only for a couple of days, this kind of break is very welcoming and totally needed.


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