Wake up early, go to sleep early: As simple as that

The thing about going to sleep early, like 11pm or definitely before midnight, is that you wake up early AND rested.

Then, the thing about waking up early, is that you can go through your whole day, and start to get sleepy earlier in the night, resulting in going to bed early.

You see? It works! This is how normal people function.

My problem is that if I don’t have to do anything early the next morning (like I usually do), I’ll sleep later than usual, creating the inevitable problem of going to bed later than usual.

It’s a failing cycle with only one way to break it: Losing sleep for only one day. But then you’ll be tired the whole day, and who knows what could happen if a bad mode hits you.

Right now, I’m in the middle of this dilemma, so I’m just gonna let things resolve by themselves. Yes, that’s a great idea.

Guess I’ll think about it in bed, after midnight or at 9am still under the covers. Can’t risk it having a bad day because I didn’t get enough sleep.

It’s settled.


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