Medium-long path towards recovery

I can’t believe it’s gotten to this, but it looks like I really broke down, and it’s taking several days to rebuild back up again. There were too many heavy days, one after the other. The result was predictable.

That’s how someone’s spirit gets broken. I would think I had a tougher exterior, but I was born human, I’m still human, and I cannot stop being a human, with all its strengths and weaknesses.

The amount of energy that one expends when in a bad place is colossal, and it’s not just lost energies, but also negative energy corrupting everything within you; double destructive powers to your being. It’s no surprise a breaking point was reached.

Recharging is definitely essential for my well-being. There is no other way to recover. I would like it to be different, but that’s not the way it ultimately woks for me.

At least I have the proven equation to solve my problems:

Isolation + Restfulness (certain amount of time) = emotional stability and peace of mind


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