One of those days when existence is seriously overrated

Aversion to affection, interaction, socializing, touch, happiness…

Is it self-loathing over spilling the metaphorical cup of personal feelings, or is it a self-defense mechanism in joint efforts of the body and mind?

The perpetual complication takes multiple forms and timeframes, but the solution remains the same: Extrication.

Remove oneself from the equation. Seek the path of serenity until regaining composure once again.

Society crushes the sane human, and transforms him into a lifeless organism not worthy of being called an animal. A ‘person’ designed to work, follow the routing, have their feelings in check, and live day after day under a set of rules which he doesn’t even have a say in them.

On some days, even staring at this screen and trying to come up with something drains the life out of me. A stronger person would get it done, or say fuck it, I don’t give a shit. A lesser person would quit on the spot and not follow through. A person like me, says fuck it, I don’t give a shit, complains, wallows in self-pity, complains again, then gets it done.


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