Sunday FunDay [part 342]

There’s a direct correlation between happiness and eating/drinking/doing whatever you want for a *period of time.

This is a universal truth.

Notice the * asterisk * to highlight a vital part of this declaration. “A period of time”. If you do it ALL the time, then it won’t bring the happiness you want because it stops being special and becomes part of the routine.

For me, it’s Race/Football Sundays. Now add some pizza, ice cream and wine, and baby, you got yourself a stew going.

Add a good night sleep at the end of the night, and you’re golden.

Can’t think of a better way to start a new work week feeling fully recharged.

With these last words, I will now commence to brush my teeth AND floss. My sweet bed awaits for me.


One response to “Sunday FunDay [part 342]”

  1. I, as well as 16 people from my family, were partying in nearly constant rain for the whole of last weekend at our favourite holiday place near the water. It was so good to see everyone; and luckily we were well protected from the rain! 🙂 Many areas of NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania are currently badly flooded!


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