Think it (or feel it), write it, do it every day, then again, and again, and again…

There is so much to be said.
I mean, smart things to be said (or written).
And I bet that more than 60% of my posts are rant-complaints, 30% are depressing personal content (and more complaints) and maybe, just maybe, 10% have some kind of literary value. At least I take solace in knowing they’re 100% honest, and authentic, 100% of the times.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s difficult to do this daily exercise and maintain high quality standards while juggling work, personal life and the everyday routine. There is no way, not even the best of writers could excel at such a feat.

My complaint will always be the same: I wish I had more time to actually sit down and create writing with more intent and purpose. Even if it ends up being more complaining, cheap philosophy and existentialism, at least it was thought thoroughly, and I had more control over the process. Not just write at the end of the night to publish my post before 12am and keep fulfilling my promise.

That, btw, and may I add, there are only two more months left. Barely 60 posts to reach a year, and “finish this project.” No idea what I’ll do after, probably finish writing my book (you know, the one I haven’t started yet, but that’s a topic for another day).


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