A [short] reflection on mistakes, time and money

Mistakes cost lives, money and time.

Lives are the most horrible because when they are lost and, they never come back, causing pain to everyone near and dear.

Time passes without being able to stop. Time that wasn’t well-spent does not necessarily mean time wasted. When you lose in life, at least you gain a lesson. Time is a teacher.

And well, money… Most of the time, money is obtained with time and effort. It’s earned to be spent and enjoyed, or it’s thrown away and last, then you need more time and effort to recover it. A vicious, systematic circle, but at least predictable and achievable. 

In life, if a serious mistake only cost you money, you should be thankful that it can be fixed with just that. Money can be earned, money can be found, money comes and goes. Whereas, lives are extinguished, and time just fades away.


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