To pizza or not to pizza; that is the question

A client left me a full box of pizza in the fridge. “Hey, we ordered two of them, and only ate one. Feel free to help yourself to the other one. We’re certainly not going to eat it.”

Why?! Why would someone just offer me 8 slices of gourmet pizza?

Is this a sign? Is this a test? Am I supposed to exercise full restraint or moderation? What is going to happen if I don’t eat it, and they find it untouched? Will this affect my client-relationship with them, and eventually cost me money, maybe even a word-of-mouth reference?

I simply cannot take that large of a risk, especially with the holiday season right around the corner, and multiple trips planned out for early 2023. I need the money.

Looks like there is only one correct decision for both my economic and business side of things:

I must devour a +2,000-calorie pizza in order to maintain my goodwill with these new clients.

I tried, but the universe conspired against my diet, and I’m just a simple sailboat being swayed by the wind in the vast sea we call life.

Bon appétit.


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