October 31st

No Halloween celebration for me, paying the bills and working every day is already spooky enough. Just the thought of putting in MORE effort to get dressed up, actually spending money to finish your outfit, and then going to X/Y party and/event to socialize ON A WEEKNIGHT, is a hard hard pass… But no worries, you can still go out and have fun. Stay safe.

If I have the chance to stay in my house chilling, while everyone else is on the streets, I’m gonna take it without batting an eye. Get some shit done, not doing any more shit, resting, not eating (NOR GIVING AWAY TO KIDS) an excessive amount of candy, seems like the responsible thing to do to. But again, you do you, no judging, if you’re actually spending money to give out empty calories and processed sugars to little kids on your door).

“It’s fun!”

Yea, ok… So is organizing your bar and bookshelves while listening to a podcast drinking, or watching videos of people singing happy birthday to their dogs with a birthday cake.

We clearly have different definitions. But no problem, the important thing is you feeling happy with yourself and the decisions you make.


Happy All Hallows Eve!

Here’s a link with the history behind this candy-filled, booze-driven and weird (and slutty) costumes wearing day.


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