Next-day strategy for sleepless nights

It’s 100% proven that days in which I couldn’t sleep well the night before, end up riddled with mistakes. It’s not a matter of sleeping X number of hours, but rather the unpleasant surprise of having your sleep interrupted.

I can go to bed on a Sunday at 3am, knowing that I am going to get up in 4 hours and continue with my day as if nothing had happened, with my battery almost fully charged, running energy saver, of course. BUT, if something similar suddenly happens on weekdays, when I have to work, and I was counting on those hours of sleep to face my busy schedule; Accidental incidents will surely happen.

Not remembering where I put the wallet, leaving keys stuck to doors or lying on the floor, forgetting certain errands I had to do, even lunch and coffee times are affected.

I don’t know if I’m getting old and this is the way my body tells me that I have to prioritize rest, or it’s some sort of defense mechanism (maybe even punishment) caused automatically by my stubbornness to keep me active and functioning despite being forced fed the surprise of not being able to sleep well yet again.

Those are two of the three things that bother me the most in this world, the third being: Loud noises.

The good thing about all this is that I’m already aware of how it works, and I can activate plan B or C on days when this happens unexpectedly.

I think that, on future occasions, at the first sign of imminent incoming sleep failure, I’ll set reminders for every hour of my day on the phone. This way, I just have to get up and follow the carefully detailed instructions of the person I trust the most in this life:



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