Restaurant Week–> Done and Done

This week I worked my ass off, and decided to spent 100% of that money (after paying expenses, of courses) on fine dining.

Fuck it. Visited three of the nicest restaurants in the city. Ate rare beef, raw seafood, farm-to-table veggies, all kinds of deconstructed desserts, and drank bottles of wine.

Some dishes were unique, most of them overpriced, but all of them were simply divine.

So what if you spend a couple of hundred on dinners.? Does it really matter?

What am I going to do with an extra $500-$600? Lower down credit card debt, put it in savings, invest during a bear market in the middle of a recession!? Nah, forget that. Burn that cash! You’ll get it back eventually (maybe even in a couple of weeks). Invest on yourself, on good times, on memorable experiences.

I am alive today, have all of my wits and a healthy appetite with a stomach that can still tolerate almost everything you throw inside of it.

“Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders”
– Omar Little


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