In desperate need of a mental health day

Resting is imminent. Tonight I’ll sleep 9 hours, then wake up and eat a huge ass banana pancake. Yes, that’s the plan. But of course, plans change, and usually for the worst.

Tomorrow will be another long day. I’m ready for it. Don’t want to do any of the things I have to do (just the pancake). But whatever, can’t say to no.

24 hours without doing shit, any type of shit, just feeding myself and showering. Those are the only things I would want to do.

No texting, no calls, no answering emails.
Could cook, could walk the dogs, but that’s about it.

Everything on my time, and because I want to do it. No favors, no errands, maybe emergencies (of course).

It’s ok to be a little selfish, sometimes. Consider it a positive mental health maneuver. Those are always allowed.


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