Tired of it all

Exhaustion and mental fatigue are real, and there’s no use fighting them. The only solution is rest, recharge, calmness, avoidance, low energy mode, no bad vibes.

You can go out for a hike if that’s your thing. Hit the basketball-tennis courts, gym and get a good workout. Me, I prefer the classic one: Staying inside, turning off my cellphone, and just live.

I consider myself privileged, meaning that I have a decent job, can pay the bills, never go hungry and have some sort of support-safety net if everything goes to shit. If I’m exhausted, and sometimes can’t hack it because I feel down or with zero motivation to do stuff, I can’t even begin to put myself in the shoes of people with real problems; people that are basically surviving week after week, and not living life.

I want to quit it all. No bonds, no anchors, no responsibilities, don’t answer to anyone. Wake up and live. 24-48 hours of existing inside my mind and within my own surroundings.

Monday is just around the corner, and a new week will begin. No one can stop it.


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